Adresse: Ådalsvägen 18 , 246 35 Löddeköpinge Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Ådalsvägen 18 , 246 35 Löddeköpinge

VikingaTider is an archaeological open air museum where the cultural landscape from the Viking age, is recreated based on the archaeological finds made in the area.

The project VikingaTider is run by the association Viking Foundation, a politically and religiously independent non-profit organization. The association’s board is composed of representatives from business, culture and community.

Guided tours, day-trip programs, summer camps, historical crafts displays take place throughout the season. The site is also available for customized private and corporate events. Every year larger events are arranged, like The Weekend of warriors and a Viking Market weekend. Lectures and school programmes are also a part of the current activities. Our goal is to tell the true story of the Vikings and offer activities in living history.

Museum shop with historical orientation and InfoPoint with tourist information. Open when there are events at VikingaTider.
VikingaTider is located in the eastern outskirts of Löddeköpinge. During the Viking Age Löddeköpinge was a very important trading center with Lödde river as a transport route from the Öresund to the big seasonal market place.

Löddeköpinge region is strategically located close to both Malmö and Copenhagen, in the middle of the attractive Öresund Region, one of Europe’s most innovative and multi-cultural environments and rich in finds from especially the Viking Age.

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