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Adresse: Annelundsgatan , 244 30 Kävlinge Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Annelundsgatan , 244 30 Kävlinge

Hier findet sich ein romanisches Langschiff mit den ältesten Teilen aus dem 12. Jahrhundert,

The old Church was built in 1157 of granite from the area with corner squares ministers composed of carved sandstone. The compact tower was first built during the 1400s. The most significant inventories are the font and the altar. Both the altar and the font are made of well-made sandstone block with border of diagonally chisel cut. The font is probable contemporary with the oldest part of the Church. The altar tabletop is a relic hide where it would be placed a relic of a piece of bone or piece of shroud from someone who suffered Martyrdom death for his Christian faith. The altarpiece from year 1598 was painted in its present colour in year 1742 by Carl Mörts, an Academy drawing master. The triumph crucifix from the later part of the 1400s is a splendid example of medieval sculptural art. The parish clerk bench from year 1580 is remarkable because the parish clerk has cut their marks or initials on it. The oldest mark is from the end of the 1500s so that’s a god dating of the same.

The old Church ceased to be a worship place in year 1897 when the new church was built, and the church bells were moved up to Korsbacka church. After restoration of the Old Church was consecrated by Bishop Anders Nygren June 19, 1957.

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