Södervidinge Kirche

Adresse: Tingsvägen, 244 93 Kävlinge Karte anzeigen

Adresse: Tingsvägen, 244 93 Kävlinge

Im Jahre 1870 wurde diese Kirche als Ersatz für die frühere mittelalterliche Kirche eingeweiht.

Von der alten Kirche hat man den Altarabsatz aus dem Jahre 1746 bewahrt. Der Taufstein an der nördlichen Wandmauer ist aus dem 12. Jahrhundert und von Mårten Stenmästare.

Södervidinge church rises majestically in the Skåne countryside.This was formerly a medieval church that was built in granite and square shape carved sandstone so called ashlars. From the medieval church comes the grandstand railings with painted productions of Jesus and the apostles, its a work from year 1775 by the painter Johan Cullman from Landskrona. The original retable consists of two paintings, Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection that are made by Carl Mörth, a draft champions at Lund University. The retable is now placed at the north wall.

The Font made by sandstone from Höör is from 1100s second half and made by Mårten Stenmästare (Mårten stone Masters). The rim of the bowl is Mårtens signing with runes “Mårten made me”. Font has a late Gothic black stained oak lid and a brass, which is a Nürnberger work, both from 1500s.

Current stone church was erected in year 1870 after Edvard von Rothstein’s drawing on the same place where the medieval church remained. The earlier church had become too small and the new church was deemed more appropriate. Altar barrier of wood between the choir and sacristy with two mirrored doors and is about 3 Swedish meters high above the altar. Its bears arc fields, pilasters and mouldings in gold and red, otherwise the barrier is painted in different shades of brown.

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