Högs church

Address: Högs Kyrkoväg, Hög, 244 93 Kävlinge Show map

Address: Högs Kyrkoväg, Hög, 244 93 Kävlinge

This church has been enriched with a baptismal font from the 12th century and unique limestone paintings from the end of 15th century.

The largest rebuilding took place in 1891 when the side nave was built till. The tower was built in 1842 and looks the same even today. Frescos were developed in the late 1950s and probably stems from the 1400s. While the figures along the arches probably been painted already in the 1200s. The altar is carved of oak, probably from the 1590s. It is dated 1598, but the current image fields are from 1891. The pulpit is of oak and was probably made in 1583. The pulpit has been painted but the paint was removed during the reconstruction in 1891. On the outside of the church there is four winged figures in relief from the middle of the 12th century.

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