Stora Harrie church

Address: Harrievägen, 244 91 Kävlinge Show map

Address: Harrievägen, 244 91 Kävlinge

Stora Harrie church has an unmistakable stamp of its creator C G Brunius who reformed numerous churches in the Skåne countryside in the mid 1800s.

Stora Harrie church is an excellent example of how, in the mid 1800s considered a skånsk and medieval church in a rich and prosperous countryside should look like. The original church in Romanesque style from 1100s or in beginning of 1200s was during the late Middle Ages to have been built whit tower and fitted whit arches in the interior. The restorer as C G Brunius did in year 1851 was so severe and pervasive that one can almost speak of a new building.

In the north transept hangs a triumphal crucifix from 1400s that have been painted some time in the 1700s. In the south transept a rich ornamented Karl den XII weapons of wood from year 1698. In the south nave wall under the organ loft is a rune (DR324) called Stora Harrie stone entombed. The stone has likely been found in the church floor at the major renovation in year 1851 and is likely to be from Christian Viking Times.

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