Stävie church

Address: Stävie Bygata, 244 66 Furulund Show map

Address: Stävie Bygata, 244 66 Furulund

Romanseque church from the end of 12th century with a church vault from the late Middle Ages.

After an extensive rebuilding in the middel of the 19th century the church got its present appearance. The baptismal font of sandstone is the church's oldest inventory and originates from when the church was built. Associated baptismal font made of tin is dated 1694. A baptismal font of silver is dated 1901. The pulpit, the church's finest treasure, is made by master Statius Otto in the 1630s; in 1940 became it reverentially restored by conservators Erlandsson, Lund. The richly ornamented Renaissance work shows the design from the life of Jesus. The altar of so-called additiontype from the late 1500s with paintings from the 1746th.

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