Lödde Centrum

Address: Barsebäcksvägen 60, 246 30 Löddeköpinge Show map

Address: Barsebäcksvägen 60, 246 30 Löddeköpinge

A personal shopping center with high service and over 25 companies, with everything from restaurant and cafe to bank real estate agents.

Lödde Centre is located in the heart of Löddeköpinge. Here you will find stores with food, flowers, clothes and opticians. Services such as libraries, public dental care, hair salon, real estate agents, gym, funeral home and bank. Free parking. Welcome!

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    +46 (0)46-70 60 93
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    The mall Mon-Fri: 10.00-18.00, Sat: 10.00-14.00. Ica Supermarket Every day: 8.00-20.00
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    Wheelchair accessible Disabled access