Gillhög chamber grave

Address: Barsebäcksvägen, 246 57 Barsebäck Show map

Address: Barsebäcksvägen, 246 57 Barsebäck

Gillhög is one of the best kept sepulchral chambers from the stoneage in Skåne.

A four thousand year old tomb ancient times sailors had as a landmark. Gillhög is named after the Vikingchief Erik Gille. The burial mound is about 25 meters in diameter and 2.5 meters high. The chamber is covered by soil and is reached through a six meter long tunnel. The chamber is rounded rectangular and 5.7 times 2.3 meters high. The chamber is covered by three 2-3 meters large roof blocks. The middle weighs 15 tons. Axes and arrowheads, decorated pottery, pearls of amber and of course pieces of skeleton have been found here. One of these, the so called Gillhögskruset, a foot bowl, is on display at the Lund University Historical Museum. A replica of the foot bowl in glass is available for purchase at Kävlinge town hall and Kävlinge Tourist Office.

Note Visit the tomb at your own risk. A flashlight is recommended.

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